“Suggested By” Indeed

I saw a number of movies this weekend most notably True Legend for Far West inspirado.

I also saw On Stranger Tides. Wait… actually, no I didn’t. I didn’t see Tim Powers’ masterful book On Stranger Tides put on the big screen, the book that made me want to write Skull & Bones. No, I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides a movie that was, as this post’s title notes, “suggested by” Tim’s book.

I hope Tim got a big wad of money for loaning them his title, his bad-guy (one of them… sort of), and kinda his plot, I guess. It wasn’t even that bad of a movie, really… I mean, it wasn’t particularly good either, but it wasn’t atrocious.

Look, do both of us a favor… go read On Stranger Tides, brand new paper copies are now readily available due to the release of the movie (which make a point of saying on them in very small print “suggested the movie picture”) and certainly an electronic copy is a few keystrokes away.

Then you can regret along with me that the existence of this tepid movie means no real adaptation of Tim’s book for another 20 years, if ever.

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Feeling Bob Tonight


The little poets sing of little things:

Hope, cheer, and faith, small queens and puppet kings;

Lovers who kissed and then were made as one,

And modest flowers waving in the sun.

The mighty poets write in blood and tears

And agony that, flame-like, bites and sears.

They reach their mad blind hands into the night,

To plumb abysses dead to human sight;

To drag from gulfs where lunacy lies curled,

Mad, monstrous nightmare shapes to blast the world.


Feeling the black abysses yawning behind me tonight, can’t catch me though, for my keyboard is made of silver and in my strokes lies the power cosmic.

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Well Hello 2011

I have such plans for you, oh yes I do.

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Holy Crap, I sound like that?

Apparently I do:

Gamer’s Haven Interview with moi.



I don’t really look like that any more though. I have less weight (yay!) and less hair (boo!).

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Give Me the Horizon

So a piece of my future was revealed today.

Allow me to share three thoughts with you all:

We may be what we say we are, but sometimes, we must become what others need us to be.

Beware of men with butterfly tattoos.

Our bards don’t need no stinkin’ badges.

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