Fate is… Vaguely kind?

I saw The Adjustment Bureau this weekend. Light spoilers follow:

Acting? Superb. Everyone was well cast.

Plot premise? Excellent.

Execution? Horribly disappointing. My biggest problem with the movie (and its a doozie) there are no bad guys. The movie goes out of its way to make the Agents of Fate likable. Just doing a tough job, nothing personal.

Nothing interesting, either. What could have been an amazing movie falls short due to an obvious unwillingness on the part of the film’s makers to take any real chances or piss anybody off by following through on the many implications the plot throws out, but then leaves by the wayside.


Conclusion: Flawed, enjoyable enough, but flawed.

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Oooooo, Shiny!

So after returning from a very long trip (in the emotional sense) I had a package waiting for me. I literally had no idea what it was, I felt a bit like a kid at Christmas, it had been so very long since I had a package whose contents I didn’t know in advance of opening.

So what was inside?

My author’s copies of Gatecrashing for Eclipse Phase, that’s what. It is so very, very pretty.

It even has a built in book mark, how class is that? Actually, it is also kind of Posthuman – Gatecrashing is one of the best written, but also one of the densest, roleplaying supplements I’ve ever worked on. This book can definitely strain your mind. Digesting it in small chunks is probably a good idea.

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