Gives Us Buckets of Blood

I saw the new Jason Statham flick, The Mechanic, this weekend. I’ve liked Statham since Snatch though some of his movies are definitely hit or miss.

Mechanic wasn’t the greatest modern action flick I’ve seen, but the fact that it was a straight-up ballsy R with some serious ultra-violence along with a touch of sex made it quite charming… well, from my point of view at any rate.

How I curse the rise of the PG-13 action flick. Admittedly, Nolan showed the new way with Dark Knight but still, I like proper weapon play. One of my favorite action films of the last decade (and believe it or not inspirado for you budding Far West fans) is John Singleton’s Four Brothers. Four Brothers is basically a classic revenge western set in modern Detroit and yeah, it is definitely an R. Greatly underrated, it helped continue to establish Mark Wahlberg as a contender, showed Tyrese Gibson to a wider audience, and introduced Garrett Hedlund (who just played Sam Flynn in Tron: Legacy).

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Let it Rain…

…for this is the year (2011 that is) of the superhero flood. We have, let’s see, the Green Hornet, Priest, Thor, the Green Lantern, and Captain America. Technically we also have Kung Fu Panda 2 and for all I know, the Spiderman reboot. I think Nolan’s third Batman is slated for 2012, but seriously, lot o’ freaking superhero films.

I’ve been thinking about it because my friends at Green Ronin are soon to bust out their greatly anticipated Mutant & Masterminds 3rd edition, complementing their DC Heroes book, and Adamant has the glorious Icons in full swing.

Anywho, knowing the circles I run in lots of folks have been asking me what I think about all the superhero movies coming up this year. So am I looking forward to all of the above? Well, yes and no. I have mixed feelings on most of them, save one. I think Thor is going to kick ass, mainly because I’ve always liked Kenneth Branagh as both an actor and a director. Some of his Shakespeare adaptations have been a little self-indulgent, but in general I think he does good cinema. The fact that he has been a Thor fan since childhood is big icing on the cake. The newest Thor trailer looks amazing (I don’t give two shits that Heimdal is black – I literally didn’t even notice until it was directly pointed out to me) and Chris Hemsworth looks to be a knock-it-out-of-the-park casting decision for Thor.

And Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin? Fucking A.

I go back and forth on the others – though Captain America’s direction, as homage more in the Indiana Jones style of movie – is a great choice and could really make that one stand out – as could Green Lantern’s decision to flat-out embrace the alien nature of the GL Corps.

We shall all get to see eventually…





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Well Hello 2011

I have such plans for you, oh yes I do.

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