Grab Your Gear

I have seldom been as proud to be involved in a project as I am in this one:

Cover for Gatecrashing

This is, quite simply, one of the best written (and appearing!)  RPG supplements I’ve ever been involved with, bar none. You can get the PDF here for an incredibly reasonable price for what you are getting ($10), but trust me, you’ll want this one in print.

The pretty liquidbreather says to:

Aquanaut Biomorph

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It Burns!

It burns us, burns us with the terrible, terrible light of truth!




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The Bolter has arrived at last!

Look upon this, oh enemies of liberty (or at least, of the United States) and despair.


I’ve actually seen one of these weapons used – they are absolutely devastating and what the article doesn’t tell you is that they are often paired with advanced sensor / sights including a sonic device that works kind of like a bat’s echolocation and a thermographic camera that can see right through walls alla the Predator.



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