Edification by Request

So I’ve been asked to expand upon my previous entry.

To wit:

I assisted Mr. Pramas in the writing of Dragon Age: Set 1. DA has been nominated in both the Best Game and Product of the Year categories.

In Best Game – DA is up against Hero 6th Edition, Pathfinder, Shadowrun-20th Anniversary, and Wild Talents 2nd Edition. Honourable Mention goes to Labyrinth Lord. I predict Shadowrun Silver and the Gold to Pathfinder.

In Product of the Year DA is up against a whole bunch of awesome – I make no predictions, but note that I’m rooting for Eclipse Phase. [Point: I did not work on the EP core book. I did write for one of the kick arse supplements that will finally be moving forward now that Posthuman has been resleeved.]

To sum up: it is always gratifying to have one’s work acknowledged – chance of actually winning this year: slim… And Pramas did all the heavy lifting anyway.

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