Where Are Ideas Born?

“Within Dreams” used to be my answer. I’ll have to come up with a new one, ’cause everybody will think I’m cribbing from Inception from now on.

That’s okay though. Inception leapt to my personal top 3 movies of this life in one viewing, which is pretty damn remarkable, as I’m an old and jaded cinema goer. That Nolan fella has got him some leet skills.

Review? Nope. Reviewing perfection is like unto personal blasphemy.


Alright, one line review: Lacuna with a Neuromancer chaser.


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Edification by Request

So I’ve been asked to expand upon my previous entry.

To wit:

I assisted Mr. Pramas in the writing of Dragon Age: Set 1. DA has been nominated in both the Best Game and Product of the Year categories.

In Best Game – DA is up against Hero 6th Edition, Pathfinder, Shadowrun-20th Anniversary, and Wild Talents 2nd Edition. Honourable Mention goes to Labyrinth Lord. I predict Shadowrun Silver and the Gold to Pathfinder.

In Product of the Year DA is up against a whole bunch of awesome – I make no predictions, but note that I’m rooting for Eclipse Phase. [Point: I did not work on the EP core book. I did write for one of the kick arse supplements that will finally be moving forward now that Posthuman has been resleeved.]

To sum up: it is always gratifying to have one’s work acknowledged – chance of actually winning this year: slim… And Pramas did all the heavy lifting anyway.

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Fat Chance – But Thanks for the Nod

Speaking for Itself

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The Game Is On

We are officially within the month mark, so the queries are starting to trickle in:

Yes, indeed, I will be at GenCon this year. Lots of people I want to see, some bizness to attend to, games to be played, etc. etc.

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