My Toy Story Story

So we turn the way-back machine to the summer of ’95. My friend Patrick and I went to see an early Saturday matinee of the film from a relatively new little studio called Pixar. We had both seen the short of the bouncing light along with “Tin Toy” before. It was the first weekend and the theatre was absolutely packed with children.

I think we were about 30 minutes in when a sense that something was off in the theatre struck me… I couldn’t put my finger on what it might be for another 20 minutes or so until I suddenly realized what it was. I’m a big fan of all forms of animation, be it Miyazaki or Disney or what-have-you I see it in the theatre, often at a matinee and kids, even the best behaved kids, make a lot of noise at the movies…

There was no sound from the audience; no sound at all. I mean, there was popcorn munching, and frequent laughter at appropriate moments, but otherwise, no sound from the kids. I turned and looked back into the darkened theatre and all I could see was little faces staring up in rapture, eyes wide open, mouths agape. The whole theatre was soundless, speechless, utterly captivated. I caught the eye of a few Moms and Dads and grinned. They grinned right back.

It was magical.

I’ll be damned if it didn’t happen again last Saturday afternoon.

Soundless, mouths agape.


I love you, Pixar – thanks for my Father’s Day present.

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