There Is No Plan B

So, like many scions of the 80s, I loved me some A-Team. I can’t say I was obsessive, but I did know the Intro by heart and secretly hoped that one day, maybe, I could hire the A-Team. To do what, I have no idea. Probably eliminate corrupt administrators at my school… not that the A-Team ever actually, you know, “eliminated” anybody…

So it is reasonable, I’ll go out on a limb here and say not very spoilery at all, to tell you that the A-Team does a 100% more eliminating in their new film than they did in their previous TV incarnation. The critics have been pretty squarely mixed, presently sporting a 52% at Rottentomatoes. Screw ’em. I had no expectations whatsoever – correspondingly, it was an absolute blast. Lots of them, in fact. Big damn explosions every 10 minutes or so like clockwork.

It was fun and I got my money’s worth.

Standout performance: Sharlto Copley. I thought he was awesome in District 9, but Holy S@#@! Keep an eye on that one, I predict a long and character-filled career for that man. He was absolutely flawless as Howling Mad Murdock, smoothly striding along the edge of Crazy-Like-A-Fox and believably genuinely having lost-the-plot.

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