Did you get Lost?

The 6 year ride comes to an end and it sounds like the fan community doesn’t know quite what to think. I’ve seen love and hatred in equal buckets across the web.

So where do I stand? Well, I was never a big devotee of the show, I watched here and there but never with any regularity. I thought the ending was sweet.

That said, I always looked at Lost as a morality play embracing the struggle not just of good and evil, but science versus religion, faith versus cynicism, etc. Faith clearly won out in the end, which I imagine has pissed off a lot of the more rationally inclined fans who were pulling for science.

As for all the Dharma Initiative questions? Please, me and any of my RPG designer mates could give you all the answers you would want with five minutes of riffing on the subject.

Here, not even trying very hard:

The unusual electro-magnetic properties of the island put it on the scientific community’s raider sometime during WWII when radio communications were strangely effected in proximity to it.

The Dharma Initiative came in to study the phenomenae.

Some of the DI folks were above board and only went in for scientifically sound and humane experiments. A select group did not, and kept their tests secret from the rest. Example: they brought in a polar bear to study the effects of a specific energy stream on a living creature. The stream in question was running through the underground of the island, causing freezing cold temperatures where it passed. To conduct the experiment, they needed a massive endotherm inured to cold.

There, decent answers to three questions.

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