Are you READY?

Disney gets it right at last. As the Father of a rather girly-girl Disney’s disconcerting habit of having every princess exist only for the day that a prince will rescue her is fairly lame. In Disney’s latest, The Princess & the Frog the heroine Tiana is told by her loving Father that, “wishing on a star may get you half way there, but your own hard work is what will make your dreams come true.”


Plus, Keith David as Dr. Facilier – Voodoo Witch Doctor (read Bokor) Extraordinare – and Mama (that’s actually Mambo chere) Odie.

Note I use the Hollywood “voodoo” spelling as opposed to Vodun on purpose as Disney obviously went with the sensationalized version that everybody expects “voodoo dolls” and all; however, and this is a very big however, somebody clearly did real research into vodun.

All the b.s. stuff is wrapped about with the real trappings of vodun, from accurate ververs to the blind Mama Odie’s Simbi marked “seeing-eye” snake Juju. Get this – Mama Odie lives in a boat that’s atop a bayou tree – a boat that is a dead ringer for Agwe’s vessel. I gasped aloud during Mama Odie’s wonderful song “Dig a Little Deeper” as she takes the characters up to the top of her home, where a garden of glass bottles of different shapes and sizes hang from the branches of the trees soaking in the light… and other things if you know your vodun. It was awesome – I firmly recommend it.

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